OntologyCentral Eurostat Mirror


Welcome to the Eurostat mirror, which contains publicly available Eurostat data expressed in the Resource Description Framework and published as Linked Data.

A list of Eurostat datasets is available on the EU's website (copyright policy).


We currently provide all "dataset" and "table" files.

E.g. see GDP per capita in PPS: http://estatwrap.ontologycentral.com/id/tsieb010 which uses content negotation (direct links to RDF or HTML).

Please note that some tables are truncated (as we cannot return 700MB files for a single data table). However, even with the truncation in place the available amount of data is still in the order of tens of GBs.

Vocabularies and Mappings

The data has been converted from tab-seperated-values files and includes labels (in English) derived from "dictionary" files.

Each data value has associatied metadata (e.g. location, sitc code) depending on the data in the tab-seperated-values files.

PREFIX  sdmx-measure: <http://purl.org/linked-data/sdmx/2009/measure#>
PREFIX  eus:  <http://ontologycentral.com/2009/01/eurostat/ns#>
PREFIX  rdf:  <http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#>
PREFIX  qb:   <http://purl.org/linked-data/cube#>

_:bn qb:dataset <http://estatwrap.ontologycentral.com/id/teicp000#ds> .
_:bn eus:unit </dic/unit#i2005> .
_:bn eus:geo </dic/geo#eu> .
_:bn eus:time </dic/time#2007m05> .
_:bn sdmx-measure:obsValue "104.58" .
<> rdfs:label "HICP - All items - Index (2005=100)" .
/dic/geo#eu rdfs:label "European Union (EC6-1972, EC9-1980, EC10-1985, EC12-1994, EU15-2004, EU25-2006, EU27)"@en .


Unlike this and this, our RDF version of Eurostat is comprehensive and up-to-date.


We suggest to query the Linked Eurostat data via SPARQL. You may use the FROM clause to specify the dataset you want to query (as demonstrated at qcrumb.com). Please note that we do not provide full SPARQL capabilities. If you are interested in hosting a SPARQL endpoint over a dataset with several hundred million triples please let us know.


All files at http://estatwrap.ontologycentral.com/ are generated on-demand from the source Eurostat files. Last updated 2010-12-18.